Surgery 10 years later in 2013


One morning, March 15, 2013, I woke up wondering what had happened to my back. All my usual techniques did not work in the next 2 to 3 weeks. So I told my Doctor. He sent me for X-rays and on reviewing them decided I should see what my Chiropractor thought. After seeing the Chiropractor for 2 to 3 weeks I went to my Doctor and demanded to see the Surgeon. Thanks to the Surgeon's Assistant I was able to get a July 2, 2013, date for the surgery instead of an end of July date. All the old hardware was removed and new hardware put in for the next disc level up.

I reviewed my history for the last three years and could see the changes that had taken place, especially in the last 2 years. I was working myself up after toe surgery to get ready for all the backpacking and hiking I wanted to do. The rest is covered above.

This was the hardware from the first surgery. All but the 'cage' between the vertebrae was remove in the second surgery 10 years later.

In the second surgery no 'cage' was inserted between the vertebrae because there was not enough room. The old holes in L5 from the first surgery were used and new holes drilled in L4 for the screws.

Now we will see what the next 10 years is like with my back. The last 10 years was great for all the hiking and backpacking I was able to do. All that activity, including the preparative exercise, made it possible to do much I would have not felt like doing without the activity.